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CONG Prima-10C : Automatic on-line analyzer for potential hydrocarbon liquids

Establishing a new paradigm in quality control measurements for natural gas, the CONG Prima-10C automatic on-line analyzer can determine the potential hydrocarbon liquid (PHCL) content in accordance with ISO 6570:2001. The CONG Prima-10C determines the mass concentration of potentially condensable hydrocarbon liquids in natural gas in the range from 1 to 100 mg/m3. The measurement principle used in this analyzer has been proven under laboratory conditions and in field trials. The CONG Prima-10C can be operated as an alternative to gravimetric devices such as the GACOM unit. It can also be used in conjunction with this equipment, in order to adjust the sensitivity of an online hygrometer's optical condensate recording system to match a specific temperature that correspond to a hydrocarbon condensate film of 5mg/m3.

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Exhibitor: VYMPEL GmbH


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